Adobe Social

Adobe Social - Thanksgiving Portal

Celebrate thanksgiving together by appreciatiating your colleague and organisation.

Our responsibilities included, website design and website deployment.


Shanti Wellness - Psychiatry

Shanti, pronounced like Shahn-tee, is a word from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, and it means peace or tranquility.

Our responsibilities included, improve logo design, website design and website deployment.

Shanti Wellness

Kasbaa - Digital Media & Marketing

Kasbaa is a new generation Digital Media and Marketing company. The team at Kasbaa will help you give your business an online presense and increase your audience reach.

Our responsibilities included, logo design and stationaty designs.


Rainbow Properties - Real Estate

On a journey to carve a name for itself creating functional and yet inspirational spaces for those believe in quality

Our responsibilities included, web optimisation and search engine optimsation.

Case Study
Rainbow Properties

Unosecur - Cloud Service Manager

Samita Mondal

Samita Mondal

As a founder of Redmonk Studios Samita focuses on pixel perfect designs, optimized user experience, serach engine optimization, responsive web designs, and branding.


Designer + Developer + Founder